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Meeting agenda/minutes

Please read the notes in the above photos when reading the minutes below



  1. Standup and make a mark - update white boards for Taverna Active List topics - (feel free to change who does this amongst the relevant people, please initial/sign what you have written)
  2. All read what has been written (note down relevant questions or annotate white board with any relevant questions (and your name))
  3. Actions
  4. Quick round table to report particular success, blockers, questions and who you are planning on talking to about what (please use judgement so topic is not too fine grained or to nebulous)
  5. Any Other Business (Technology demos now once a Month not after each meeting at some yet to be decided regular slot)
  6. Minuting & Skype setup & Photography (of white board) for next time

Attending and minuting

  • Attending: Alan, Jits, Stian, Niall Beard, Ian, Rishi, Anja, Christian, Rob, Donal, Stuart, Sean, Shoaib
  • Minuting: Alan

Actions from previous meeting (5 min)

  • Paul/Rob - IMG Seminar on App4Andy - Science and Technology of - will arrange after visit to Liverpool.  POSTPONED. Review once TSB gets underway.
  • Donal - send announcement to tav-hackers about reusing inputs - not done
  • Shoaib - Establish who is going to BOSC - done
  • Shoaib - Nominate someone to join OBF - Stian
  • Shoaib - Organise a BOF at BOSC - Stian to organize
  • Shoaib - Investigate an advisory board for Taverna - not done
  • Shoaib - Organise a Taverna Foundation meeting - not done
  • Shoaib - Organise a post 2.3 Taverna direction meeting - not done
  • Shoaib - Send out Taverna/Kabak/Galaxy strategy clarification email - done
  • Alan - Revise external tool documentation prior to BOSC - not done
  • Carole/Paul - Send info on the press release to Alan/Alex for publication on the website - done
  • Alan/Alex - Publish press release on the website - done

Taverna Active List (board pens at the ready !)

Taverna 2.x

T2 server client libraries

Next Generation Workbench

Components Library

BioCatalogue, myExperiment, etc plugins

BioCatalogue perspective is fragile and needs more work. See action on Alan.





App4Andy / TSB



Taverna-Galaxy Integration (TGGT)


Eagle KTA



MSc projects

Research (5 min)

Outreach and training (5 min)

Events and funding news (5 min)

Stian will send an e-mail summarizing what was learnt from the ITER meeting. Rob and Stian also talked with jet people interested in workflows handling data from sensors.

Any other business (10 min)

Quite a long discussion about what to do about phoebus and rosalind updating/replacing. Tradeoff of control v time spent looking after it

Minuting for the next meeting

  • Alex?

New actions (including who needs to meet whom about what for ticking off next week)

Alan - organize meeting about BioCatalogue perspective

Jits - organize meeting about BioCatalogue codebase

Stian - send summary of what was learnt from ITER meeting

Rob - organize meeting about sensors in workflows (next week)

  • None