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Meeting agenda/minutes

Attending and minuting

  • Attending: Shoaib, Sean, Stuart, David, Carole, Helen, Finn, Katy, Christian, Stian, Alisdair, Ian, Khalid, Alan
  • On Skype Chat: Kostas, Don
  • Minuting: Helen

Actions from previous meeting

Shoaib: Cloud/taverna/sequencing/A4A + galaxy/taverna flyers needed - ongoing

Kostas & Katy: Galaxy/taverna VM that can be distributed  (needed for Katy's course on Jan 17) - Katy to decide which workflows to be included; Kostas already has an almost ready Taverna-Galaxy combo - Katy will run the tutorial, Kostas will stand ready by the server - done

Rob: App4Andy VM that can be distributed - ongoing

DdeR and Shoaib - reassign to Carole: Galaxy myExp integration - back with us - need to decide who does this and with what money.

Katy : Update the BioVel tutorial on myExperiment to include the extra steps

Whiteboard summaries








Funding News


Alasdair : first of the regular meetings of researchers to discuss papers, proposal, etc. will be this Thurs from 2-3.30pm. Please attend, and please give your preferences for when subsequent meetings should be


Alan: 4 visitors from Leiden will be here 7th Feb
Alan: Xavier Plannes will be visiting Southport. Lecture.

Any other business

Shaoib: Andy Brass's new student Thamar will give a talk next monday 11am (straight after taverna meeting) on his MSc project work.

Minuting for the next meeting:


New Actions

Carole: Galaxy myExp integration - decide who, and with what money.

  • None