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Meeting agenda/minutes

Please read the notes in the whiteboard photos when reading the minutes below

Attending and minuting

  • Attending: Alan (chair), Helen, Alasdair, Christian, Kristian, Finn, Stuart, Shoaib (skype), Katy (skype), Carole, Khalid
  • Minuting: Alasdair

Actions from previous meeting (10 mins)

  • Katy (2012-03-02): Check SysMo workflows on myExperiment and link to them from website
  • Marco and Christina (2012-04-13): send a synopsis of the talk about WF best practices to Shoaib for publication in SSI
    • Update: Katy to send link to Marco's talk to Shoaib
  • Khalid (2012-04-13): contact Uli and Bijan to concile their work on Semantic Web Services and the work from Dmitry on doing a RDF-based repository for Biocatalogue
  • Stuart (2012-05-11) - transfer Taverna related actions to Taverna meeting minutes
  • Shoaib (2012-05011) - Coordinate who is giving the talks that were accepted for BOSC 2012
    • Katy to do TSB talk in progress; 
    • Rob working on updated abstract (due 4th)
  • Andy Brass (2012-05-11): Ask german student to 
    • a) send Shoaib his report on KNIME (2012-06-22) Shoaib to follow up 
    • b) possibly present to mygrid team via skype or webcast
  • Stuart: email Stefan Muller to accept Amazon time, waiting to speak with Rob
  • Katy: send link to updated tutorials to Alan for website
  • Alan/Duncan (2012-06-22) - Update website w/ taverna tutorials
    • Waiting for Duncan to switch websites
  • Stian or Khalid (2012-06-22) present Prov to research group meeting
  • Carole: (2012-06-22) arrange Biovel + Scape Sprint – aligning the components work

Whiteboard summaries

Decisions Made

  • SSI comes under eLabs
  • Servers need to be actively upgraded to a maintained version of the operating system. Need a plan!
    • Background: Open PHACTS/Ondex2 server is not being managed by IT services as it has a OS that is over 2 years old and is now deprecated from the point of view of security and package updates. Alasdair spent a day trying to update the PHP to be able to decode JSON

New Actions

  • Carole/Alasdair: (2012-06-22) Speak to Gerhard about KNIME
  • Katy/Stuart: (2012-06-22) Organise who will attend the Freiberg meeting 1 August
  • Shoaib: (2012-06-22) Oversee drawing up of a list of servers that are centrally managed and have old/deprecated operating systems or are not actively being updated. Issues around production servers and research/development servers.
  • Shoaib/Alasdair/Christian: (2012-06-22) Identify needs for the Open PHACTS server
  • Shoaib: (2012-06-22) Talk with Duncan about publishing presentations on the MyGrid website
  • None