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myGrid State of the Nation




  • extensions need to be rich enough to support replay/rerun/partial rerun.
  • should be able to take in grey-box provenance from external tools.
  • needs to capture user actions and decisions.


  • Using wfdesc to describe the workflows within components.
    • Using RightField (Note Kristina's observations).
  • Validation
    • Interface
    • Runtime (Input/output formats, etc)
  • Components are:
    • Independent
    • Encapsulated
    • Self-contained
    • Coherent
    • SP compliant


  • Should bleed between all tools.
    • So an annotation on a workflow in myExp should be attached to the workflow, not stuck in myExp.


  • SCUFL2 need to go into the WfE hackathons

Data Bundle

  • WfE will do this via back door
  • Needs to be owned by someone

Structured object support

  • Tables are important

Packaging Taverna

  • Server
    • with Interface (call it Taverna Player)
  • Starter Packs
  • Branding/crediting
  • Different starter sets of services for different domains (switchable/changeable).

Taverna Workbench

  • Templates
  • Components
  • Working with workflow fragments
    • -> components
  • Reporting
    • Workflow diagram output
    • Citation
  • Workflow simplification
    • Folding services up (hiding/grouping/blocking)
  • Workbench is the component maker

Domain specifics

  • Catalogues
  • Data formats
  • Protocols
  • Tools


  • Data Bundle needs to be owned.
  • Kym and Bamdad to present their work (Carole to arrange).
  • Remove "demonstrator" from things we show.
  • Top-level view of marketing and packaging (Duncan).
  • Forums in myExperiment.
  • PALs for Taverna and myExperiment.
  • Checklist of things that we could pass between myExperiment, Taverna and BioCatalogue.
    • What is passed.
    • What we could pass but don't.
    • What we should pass but can't.
  • None