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Meeting agenda/minutes

Please read the notes in the whiteboard photos when reading the minutes below


1. Intro to how this will work (a few iterations to get this right)

2. Standup and make a mark - update white boards for e-Lab Active List topics - (feel free to change who does this amonst the relevant people) (doing this before 3 saves times as people trickle into the meeting and start putting up their updates)

3. All read what has been written (note down relevant questions)

4. Actions (all e-Lab relevant ones merged, reporting back from meetings derived from previous meta-meetings as actions is OK; please say it happened and the current working understanding - no elaborate details - as this would need another meeting)

5. Quick round table:


  • Particular success
  • Please state under which heading the update should be minuted
  • Blockers (needed to identify who you need to talk/meet to/with for resolution)
  • pertinent questions about what is written on the white board (please use judgement so topic is not too fine grained or too nebulous)
  • Any planned ad-hocs not already on the actions list


  • Just read what is written on the white board
  • Start discussion the solution (unless very simple) instead of the problem - as often the solution will need an ad-hoc discussion with relevent parties

6. Research (any relevant research - e-Lab or Taverna)

7. Outreach/Events/Funding - not limited to e-Lab Active List - standing items at all meta-meetings

8. Any Other Business (Technology demos now once a Month not after each meeting at some yet to be decided regular slot)

9. Minuting & Photography (of white board) for next time

Attending and minuting

  • Attending:
  • Minuting: Ian

Actions from previous meeting (10 mins)

Christian: (2012-08-17) Arrange a telecon with Gerhard to talk about their experience with Knime.(email sent, waiting for reply) (ongoing)
Shoaib/Alasdair: (2013-01-18) organize a meeting for brainstorming grant ideas. Alasdair - done in research group, needs communicating to rest of group (ongoing)
Stuart/Katy: (2013-01-18) to put on the RightField website how RightField is related to DataUp and OntoMaton (ongoing).
Alan: (2013-01-18) to push the work on supporting of tables in Taverna. (ongoing)
Donal: (2013-01-18) to be added to the BioMart mailing list. (done)
Everybody: (2013-01-18) Write up anything that might feed into future grants (ongoing)
Everybody: (2013-01-18) to identify people that we may need to chase (spin) for (or to be included in) new grants. (ongoing)

Alan: (2013-02-01) Buy a new machine (done)

Finn: (2013-02-01) Sort out permissions on myGrid Wiki so as to access grant writing page.(ongoing)
Stuart: (2013-02-01) Ensure that Alex knows about David's leaving do (via email or sms). (done)

Whiteboard summaries

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Funding News



Any other business

Minuting for the next meeting:

New Actions

Shoaib 15/2/13 - minimal scape eu timesheet requirements

Carole 15/2/13 - List of mygrid 'confidential' names

Stian 15/2/13 - Create new email list from mygrid 'confidential' list

  • None