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Meeting agenda/minutes

Please read the notes in the whiteboard photos when reading the minutes below

Attending and minuting

  • Attending: Christian, Alex N, Alasdair, Alan, Stian, Finn, Stuart (chairing), Ian, Donal, Shoaib (online)
  • Minuting: Alan

Actions from previous meeting (10 mins)

Christian:  (2012-08-17) Arrange a telecon with Gerhard to talk about their experience with Knime.(email sent, waiting for reply) - Ongoing
Shoaib/Alasdair: (2013-01-18) organize a meeting for brainstorming grant ideas. Alasdair - done in research group, needs communicating to rest of group. - Briefly communicated by Katy. - Done
Stuart/Katy: (2013-01-18) to put on the RightField website how RightField is related to DataUp and OntoMaton - Ongoing
Everybody: (2013-01-18) Write up anything that might feed into future grants - Ongoing
Everybody: (2013-01-18) to identify people that we may need to chase (spin) for (or to be included in) new grants - Ongoing
Finn: (2013-02-01) Sort out permissions on myGrid Wiki so as to access grant writing page. Finn/Stuart to discuss with Stian. - Done
Donal / Alasdair: (01/03/13) - to arrange a minimal scape eu timesheet requirements masterclass - Ongoing
Shoaib: (01/03/13) - Create new email list from mygrid 'confidential' list, obtain start of list from Stian. - Done by Stian

Whiteboard summaries

New Actions

Alasdair: Send an e-mail and book a room for the grant meeting

Stian: Arrange meeting to identify/stop overlapping on minimal information model checking

Donal: Send round information about the HELIO paper

Everybody: Check eScholar content on their university account

Ahmad: Use eScholar content to populate myGrid and Taverna website publication information.

  • None