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Meeting agenda/minutes

Please read the notes in the whiteboard photos when reading the minutes below

Attending and minuting

  • Shoaib, Finn, Alex, Stian, Carole, Alan, Rob, Hyde, Normal, Donal (minuting), Aleks (via skype)


Stuart/Katy: (2013-01-18) — put on the RightField website how RightField is related to DataUp and OntoMaton — Ongoing
Donal: (01/03/13) — to arrange a minimal eu timesheet requirements masterclass — Ongoing
Everybody: (2013-04-12) — Check eScholar content on their university account and make sure they are marked as "open" — Ongoing
Shoaib & Aleksandra: (2013-06-07) — Create a blog article about the advantages of upgrading to Rails 3 — Ongoing
Ahmad: (21/06/2013) — push eScholar info to public websites - Ongoing
Stian: (02/08/2013?) — to talk to Katy and SHIWA regarding data bundles and remote enactment. — Ongoing

Whiteboard summaries

Round table notes

  • Need new Taverna flyers for use at INTECOL (Action: Norman with help from Shoaib; URGENT, by end of day)
    • Sell Taverna as a product/package, not a project
    • Sell within context of Biodiversity
  • MRC Capability Bid is delivery vehicle for Research Objects
  • myExperiment and SEEK
    • Political decision to go ahead
    • Action: Shoaib to arrange meeting (Hard Deadline: 30/08/2013) to look at technical requirements
  • Biocatalogue IP address in process of being moved

New Actions

Norman: (2013-08-16, by 2013-08-16) — new Taverna flyers for use at INTECOL
Shoaib: (2013-08-16, by 2013-08-30) — arrange meeting to look at technical requirements for myExperiment/SEEK merger

  • None