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Meeting agenda/minutes

Please read the notes in the whiteboard photos/section


Note - this is a meta-meeting so - normal updates on the whiteboard, round table - particular highlights, problems and talk about next steps to help with cross project/product/theme alignment.

Attending and minuting

  • Attending: Stuart, Finn, Alan, Shoaib, Susheel, Niall, Carole, Catarina, Raniere
  • Minuting:  Niall

Minuter: Modify this page to update the status of existing actions, record new actions, highlights, decisions and followups below. Upload the new whiteboard pictures as attachments. Send individual emails to each person who has outstanding actions after the meeting.

Don't use copy-and-paste, go to the parent Minutes, and click Add From Template, where you select "Meta-Meeting". (You can edit the template if needed). Then copy over 'New actions' and any unresolved 'Previous actions' from last meeting minutes. To make life easier for the next minuter, pre-create the meeting in two weeks time and copy in the new actions as its 'Previous actions'.

Actions from previous meeting

  • Alex, team bonding, ongoing
  • Shoaib - apply for academic version of GitHub - DONE by Finn

"Ongoing" status considered harmful. All actions are timeboxed to 3 weeks (after which the are either done, delegated (e.g. to a project jira, other team member) or dropped. 

Future Followups

  • Alex, team bonding, ongoing

Whiteboard Topics

(please modify the EDIT THE TEMPLATE to cover any missing or old etc)


  • Taverna 2.x
  • Taverna 3.x
  • Taverna Server
  • Taverna Player
  • RightField
  • BioCatalogue
  • myExperiment
  • SEEK

Themes (across projects & products):

  • Components
  • Provenance


  • BioVeL
  • Wf4Ever
  • ISBE
  • Sysmo
  • Open PHACTS
  • SSI
  • Elixir-UK


  • Funding
  • Students
  • Research
  • Events/Outreach
  • AOB

Whiteboard summaries


Alan - Updating rightfield to Java v8. 

Stuart - Looking at 3rd year student Paul's Rightfield work. Needs fixing up but good.

 Finn - Rails upgrade of FAIRDOM  

Raniere - writing CW17 updates for SSI site + teaching last week filling in for Niall

Stuart -  FAIRDOM review interesting - 2 years funding given

Shoaib - CW17 feedback and follow ups. Orienting Susheel

Carole - ELIXIR midterm review report complete. ISBE legal setup. SynBioChem interviews for data position. Hiring Nick Juty for identifiers stuff. Alan helpful in IBISBA funding call for FAIRDOM. AI30 proposal submitted. FDA meeting - CWL + ROs + Biocompute discussed. Next friday deadline for BOSC - submit talk about Bioschemas datasets. 

Alan - research site is available

Caterina - ROs + WF - visualization tool + developing user profiles. Looking into different checklists for different disciplines



New Actions

  • Alan  - Get domain name as now available
  • Raniere/Shoaib - Add topic to SSI strategy meetings - Cataloguing/Exposing the SSI consultancies that become flagship projects

Future Followups

  • None