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Meeting agenda/minutes

Please read the notes in the whiteboard photos/section


Note - this is a meta-meeting so - normal updates on the whiteboard, round table - particular highlights, problems and talk about next steps to help with cross project/product/theme alignment.

Attending and minuting

  • Attending: Stian, Natalie, Niall, Raniere, Shoaib, Stuart, Alan, Finn
  • Minuting:  Niall (please check Minuters)

Minuter: Modify this page to update the status of existing actions, record new actions, highlights, decisions and followups below. Upload the new whiteboard pictures as attachments. Send individual emails to each person who has outstanding actions after the meeting.

Don't use copy-and-paste, go to the parent Minutes, and click Add From Template, where you select "Meta-Meeting". (You can edit the template if needed). Then copy over 'New actions' and any unresolved 'Previous actions' from last meeting minutes. To make life easier for the next minuter, pre-create the meeting in two weeks time and copy in the new actions as its 'Previous actions'.

Actions from previous meeting

  • Shoaib (organise infrastructure-athon half day meeting (ongoing) 
  • Shoaib invent plan for making infrastructure meetings effective. (ongoing)
  • Alan to send an email about IBISBA docs.20171013_104514.jpg

"Ongoing" status considered harmful. All actions are timeboxed to 3 weeks (after which the are either done, delegated (e.g. to a project jira, other team member) or dropped. 

Future Followups

Whiteboard Topics

(please modify the EDIT THE TEMPLATE to cover any missing or old etc)


  • Taverna 2.x
  • Taverna 3.x
  • Taverna Server
  • Taverna Player
  • RightField
  • BioCatalogue
  • myExperiment
  • SEEK

Themes (across projects & products):

  • Components
  • Provenance


  • BioVeL
  • Wf4Ever
  • ISBE
  • Sysmo
  • Open PHACTS
  • SSI
  • Elixir-UK


  • Funding
  • Students
  • Research
  • Events/Outreach
  • AOB

Whiteboard summaries



New Google drive folder setup

Finn: Can we put keys in?

Shoaib: Need to restrict permission to accounts

Stian: Can see who accesses files on activity log.

Shoaib: We should put documents OR pointers to documents (links to dropbox/wikis/anything) in the drive.


Finn: Preparing for NELS demo at 11am today.

Nat: Writing Papers - standards book chapter. Finish final draft + send round. SynBioChem paper needs adding to today

Stuart: New version of seek

Shoaib: IBISBA club - RO’s + Cwl + seek. Friday 11am.

Shoaib: Chasing Contracts for HITS / NELs / ELIXIR 

Nick Juty starts 20th Nov. Talking to Carole, Niall, Stian. Skype in Natalie as she’s on vacation at the time.

ELIXIR - Stian has CWL Implementation Study he will be consulting on. 

Niall: Paris meeting with TrCG and TeCG. Big workflow kick-off. Decided to continue using  cytoscape. Struggling to fully define different workflow types, give them a name, and figure out where to keep them. 

Stian: Helping Carole with Research Object talk this week. 


eScience Lab dinner on 1st December at 3pm at EastZEast in town!!!!!!!!



New Actions

Future Followups

  • Someone (2012-12-24): John Doe on ...

  • None