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Meeting agenda/minutes

Please read the notes in the whiteboard photos/section


Note - this is a meta-meeting so - normal updates on the whiteboard, round table - particular highlights, problems and talk about next steps to help with cross project/product/theme alignment.

Attending and minuting

  • Attending: Alan, Catarina, Finn, Natalie, Niall, Raniere, Shoaib, Stian
  • Minuting:  Finn

Actions from previous meeting

  • Shoaib (organise infrastructure-athon half day meeting (ongoing) 
  • Shoaib invent plan for making infrastructure meetings effective. (ongoing)

Future Followups

Whiteboard Topics

Whiteboard summaries


Email servers moving to internal network, require VPN to access. VPN client uses 2-factor authentication to connect, 2nd factor is either: text message, phone app, keyfob generated code. VPN client is windows only? Linux & Mac Coming Soon.



New Actions

  • None