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Meeting agenda/minutes

Attending and minuting

  • Attending: , Stian, Niall,, Shoaib, Stuart, Aleksandra,, Alan, Finn, Raniere, Paul, Caterina
  • Minuting:  Alan (please check Minuters)

Actions from previous meeting

  • Shoaib (organise infrastructure-athon half day meeting (ongoing)
    • Not done. Cancelled
  • Shoaib invent plan for making infrastructure meetings effective. (ongoing)
    • Not done Cancelled

Future Followups

Whiteboard Topics

(please modify the EDIT THE TEMPLATE to cover any missing or old etc)


  • RightField
  • SEEK
  • FAIRDom

Themes (across projects & products):

  • Components
  • Provenance


  • BioVeL
  • Wf4Ever
  • ISBE
  • Sysmo
  • Open PHACTS
  • SSI
  • Elixir-UK


  • Funding
  • Students
  • Research
  • Events/Outreach
  • AOB

Whiteboard summaries

Aleks N reports:

This week I have been:
- working with Catarina on code to visualise data about workshops and instructors
- training for Digital Humanities @ with Guyda Armstrong
- prepping for 2 other Carpentry workshops (IT in Soton in December 2017 and SWC in Manchester in March 2018) 

Carole reports:

The talk went well. We are influencing research object thinking. Need to talk to mendeley data. Earthcube and dataone are working in similar space. Open science framework is on the up and up. It’s going to be the galaxy of general data




New Actions

Stuart - organize infrastructure day

Everyone - consider contribution to CW18, Cardiff, 26-28 March - attendance, workshops, what would be good prizes

Shoaib - check status of vegetarian food with Taste of Manchester

Everyone - put holidays into calendar

Future Followups

  • Someone (2012-12-24): John Doe on ...

  • None