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Hosted By: Jits

Present: Stuart, Stian, Alan, Rob, Alex, Sergey, Mannie, Finn, Peter, Rishi, (sorry if I've missed out your name)


For more information on the components work carried out for Mockup 3 of the Taverna next gen workbench see: Mockups#Mockups-Workflowcomponentsandcomponentdefinitions


There is a big need for a registry of components / shims for Taverna users to be able to easily find and add to workflows.

Agreed to make a very simple Taverna-specific registry for now.

Building on Mannie and Finn's shim library work.

Initially as part of the Taverna-TNG work (and will be deeply integrated into new workbench).

Common currency will be "Component Definitions" - a general way of describing components, similar to BioCatalogue Functional Units.

Can range from generic ("beanshell") to specific ("XML to CSV converter").

Component definitions will be used heavily in the Taverna-TNG workbench and so it will be a driver for the Component Library.

myGrid will maintain their own instance of the library -

Software will be easy to set up and run in your lab / environment.

Component definitions...

  • Provider information?
  • Ranking rating?
  • How to control the quality?
  • Duplication?
  • Related components
  • Derived components
  • Factories
  • Harvesting can be added later

Will have a JSON based API for integration into Taverna.

Soaplab -> choreography?

Should we be using SCUFL2 to store the component definitions?

Sergey's REST processor as a good case of having wrapped components.

Groupings via tags?

Categories are nested? -> GOOD

Maybe use SKOS for category hierarchies

Filter by category

Registry access? Can users submit their own? Official vs prototype vs 3rd party

Shim library found that we need to know:

  • how things connect together
  • find based on connections/links

Look at BioMoby plugin

  • None