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Location: Atlas 2

Time: 1400

Present: Paul, Katy, Stian, Alan, Franck, Shoaib, Rishi

Katy's comments

Ongoing problem with error handling.  Should be fixed if proposals are implemented and/or once retry is exposed. Currently has to re-run workflow until no errors. Is happy to run snapshot.

Action on Stian: Try to remember why/if retries stopped working.

Wants a Perl interpreter similar to that for Beanshell.  Probably involves switching to Java 1.6.  Stian said there would probably be library issues. Entered into Jira as T2-1295

Does not like seeing attachments on WSDL processors.  Maybe make their visibility optional.  Entered into Jira as T2-1296

Paul's comments

Needs line numbers in beanshells. Entered into Jira as T2-1287

Provenance pop-up problems.  Should be fixed if proposals are implemented.

Naming of workflow output ports.  At the moment it is processor_name + processor_port_name.  Paul just uses processor_port_name.  At a minimum the text for the output port name should be auto-selected so that it can be easily deleted.  Entered into Jira as T2-1288

Paul suggested there might be a problem with recursive XML splitters.  This is probably a service issue.

Action on Paul: Send "recursive splitter" workflow to support.

Workflow open file dialog should remember its size.  Entered into Jira as T2-1289

Undo does not work for annotation.  Entered into Jira as T2-1290

Paul wants to be able to undo during beanshell editing.  Not clear exactly what is needed.  Need to look at analogous programs.

Not clear what use SeqVista renderer is.

Action on Alan: Ask Taverna users if they use SeqVista renderer.

Franck's comments

Wants to be able to do copy of multiple services including links.  This is already in Jira as T2-1241

Map files are wrong for contextual help.   Entered into Jira as T2-1292

Help pages need to go onto the website.  FAQs need to be harmonized.  Entered into Jira as WEBSITE-46 and WEBSITE-47

Needs workflow as a service.  This is in Jira as T2-76 Note that it is a long-standing issue

Shoaib's comments

Main problem seems to be getting at information about services and data.  It is very difficult to find out what to do.  This is a wider problem than Taverna but may be partially solved by the BioCatalogue plugin, creation of package-specific Tavernas etc.

Needs legend for the diagram.  Maybe overlay or labels of diagram contents.  Entered into Jira as T2-1294

Action on Alan: Describe city services in BioCatalogue

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