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Location: Mercury

Time: 1400

Present: James, Stian, Christian, Franck, Peter, Jits, Katy, Alex, Alan, Paul

Paul's comments

 The shutting down message should be in a dialog.  It looks strange as it is.  Entered as T2-1321

Workflow runs that used in-memory data storage are showing up as previous runs when Taverna is re-started.  Entered as T2-1322

Delete workflow run jumps to the top of the pane.  It should go to the next run in the list.  Entered as T2-1323

"Save values" should be "Save all values"  Entered as T2-1324

"Insert constant value" is confusing Entered as T2-1325

"Merge workflow" - why is it at the bottom of the list of inserts and why does it have no icon?  Entered as T2-1326

Input and output ports should be separated from the services in the insert list.  Entered as T2-1327

Configure is still available even when nothing is selected.  Entered as T2-1328

On Windows, Paul can create a new folder when opening a workflow.  Entered as T2-1329

Wants breakpoints in a workflow run.  Entered as T2-1330

Wants to drag from a service with no inputs and one output (especially string constant) in the same way you can drag to something with one input.  Already in as T2-1187

James's comments

James wants to be able to save a beanshell service with its ports and to re-use/share it.  Entered as T2-1331

Action on Katy - Ask Carole about what is happening with the shim library.

James wants to use the mouse wheel to zoom in and out in the diagram.  Also wants zoom to area.  Entered as T2-1332

Wants to have automatically load services into the service panel when opening a workflow.  Already in as T2-621

Christian's comments

Needs to be able to open a bad workflow  Already in as T2-1231

Wants to abort a run  Already in as T2-414

Confusion over showing the ports of an individual service.

Franck's comments

Nothing to report

Peter's comments

Wants to remove/delete a run.  Already in as T2-414

Wants to hide boring services, especially string constants.  Already in as T2-620

Issue of pressing return in a dialog.  Already in as T2-1149 and fixed

Katy's comments

Problem with retry not causing an edit has already been fixed.

Demo issues

The users were shown demonstrations of

  • run dialog
  • import/export services from/to file
  • TIFF renderer
  • retry configuration
  • beanshell line numbers and check script
  • error report

Need zoom etc. on TIFF renderer

Service panel froze

Need to put retry etc. configuration under r-click.  Perhaps under configuration.

Retry configuration - need to fix text wrapping on Linux

Error report did not work on Linux

  • None