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Location: Atlas 1

Date: 24/June/2010

Time: 1100

Present: Sergey, Alan, David, Stian, Katy, Franck, Finn, Jits, Alex, Rishi, Mannie, Ian, Peter

Comments & Observations


Contextual menu in the Design Perspective says "Preview Processor" - wrong word used, should be "service", not processor. Therefore, a more suitable title could be "Show Service Details".

When the preview is opened, don't show the totality of the BioCatalogue web service entry, but rather show just the operation represented by the processor for which the preview was requested. Have a link to the full preview of the web service, though.

General observation: the plugin should not show items that Taverna / plugin cannot handle (e.g. users, service providers, specific service types). If a feature doesn't work in the plugin - it should not be clickable (rather that being clickable and displaying a "can't do this" message as a result).

JClickableLabel turns red when hovered - red is a dangerous color; this should be changed to some other colour.

Synchronise with BioCatalogue user profile to get all favourite searches / filters, etc. Logging in issue.

Import operation descriptions from BioCatalogue to be stored inside a workflow.

Service Panel

Users want to be able to right-click on entries in the Service Panel to get info about the services directly - without first adding them to the workflow.

When a service is added to the current workflow, need to have an option to automatically add it to the Service Panel, too. (Currently these actions are separate - and both need to be explicitly invoked to achieve this).

Services loaded to the Service Panel via BioCatalogue should be saved. (There is a JIRA issue on this - T2-1464).

Item colour in Service Panel - BioCatalogue plugin doesn't set the correct icon for the services that it adds.


This is more like structured browsing - maybe need to change the title of the feature.

Is there any filtering on operations? Not yet; need to allow working with SOAP operations / REST endpoints directly first.

Filters should be refined.

Filters - do we save search term + filter applied to it? Or just a filter that may be applied to any new search later?

Saved ("favourite") filters should be more obvious. E.g. when a new filtering operation is about to start, the plugin needs to suggest that there are several filters that are available to be applied now.

Filters should be much more integrated with tag/query searches. Users don't really care about the specific operation that they use - the goal is just to get to the operation that they want to use. Therefore, there are three possible entry points - tag search, query search and filtering.

Not obvious that can use filtering without searching first. When done first essentially allows structured browsing of all BioCatalogue services.

Tag cloud search VS. filtering by tags. Replication - may not be obvious how this works. And why there is an overlap.

Search / Filtering Results Listings

Double-click is used to act on the items in the search results listings.. is this bad? (Right-click menu is also available to choose an option to use).

Search/filtering results listings - service type probably doesn't need to be shown (maybe for advanced users only).

Ordering of search/filtering results - by: name, most popular, most reliable, etc. Could be done on the server, but also in the plugin. If done in the plugin all results are required, not just part of the results.

Was not obvious that there are more results. Even though the tops of the tabs in the results listing state the numbers and the buttons to get more / all results are at the bottom.

All results are never fetched due to performance implications on the BioCatalogue server; results fetched by "pages". This should be hidden from users. "Google-like" style of fetching more results is an option. E.g. could have a listing of stub results with the correct number of items in it - when the list is scrolled, additional items that are currently visible are to be lazily loaded and populated in the view. Thus, using caching, results will gradually accumulate and will all be available.

Search/filtering results listings - instead of using complex pop-ups, put the presented data into a tabular view.

Not obvious that the right-hand side sidebar next to the search/filtering results exists (small buttons and not very visible). Therefore, users may not know that the actions from the sidebar are even available.

Do not need users / service providers in search/filtering results, as Taverna users just want to get to the operation they require. Maybe switch off by default, but still leave an option to search for these types?

Pushing Data Back to BioCatalogue

  • Validation results
  • Usage: example data from workflow executions. How to expose this to users? How to deal with large sizes of example data? Need the users to understand that they are making the data public.
  • Comments
  • Error upload - e.g. can help others to see that they are facing commonly occurring problem.

Using the plugin as a "curation dashboard". E.g. allow to edit descriptions of services in the contextual views (Design Perspective), enable adding/changing annotations in the previews, etc.

Service announcements - e.g. service provider may publish planned outage schedule, etc.

How to share service packs/groups? This touches upon the big issue of myExperiment / BioCatalogue intergration.

  • None