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  • local components?
    • new beanshells
  • export workflows with components; ship with workflows
  • embedded workflows
  • have a way of pushing these local components to mygrid components registry
  • local workers right now alert when someone changes them, and show as different beanshells
    • as long as people know they've changed it
  • should keep component def cache within workflow
    • versioning issues are brought up as a result - good thing!
  • FETA didn't really tackle shims
  • "this shim connects this service to this service"
  • "I need to do this task next"
  • "most of the time you dont just want to do a blast"... you want to then do something with it
  • depends what the component is - if its just a beanshell in a wf it doesnt belong in myexp, but anything more should
  • most important thing is "what connects to what"
  • interlinking between components
  • need to know what's going on inside a component
  • Antoon's paper - workflow reuse and being able to describe wfs with just the ins/outs of the whole workflow
  • make a component out of dragging a box around some components


  • have a warning when local components are in workflow when saved
  • making components out of other components
  • export in SCUFL2?
  • publish someone else's components by mistake?
  • embedded component cannot be exported/shared as component definition
  • file command in UNIX
  • make it clear where components are being published
  • security whilst running the workflow - another use case for interaction during the workflow run


  • will they run on server or internal engine?
  • FETA work?
  • currently happy with the Taverna plugins way of doing components
    • but need ways to make it easier - wizards, etc
  • user interaction in workflows
    • had to hack with beanshells and java swing right now (to pop up)


  • wf contains comp not in my palette ... that place is down... what happens?
  • config of component def vs  component of the underlying think that runs
  • when searching, eg: for a wsdl, get the generic WSDL activity as well as preconfigured component that use that
  • None