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Present: David, Katy, Alan, Anja, Paul, Michael Bane, Robin Pinning


  • beanshell invocations are not clearing the variable values - solved in Taverna 2.3
  • Throwing of an exception did not have expected effect - not clear what was happening. Anja to give more details if it happens again


  • Soaplab gave wrong address in dialog - new issue created
  • Need primer on webservices etc. - new issue created 
  • Thinks the Taverna Server VM is read-only - need to check.
    • Alan looked at this later and it is writable


  • Wants, at a minimum, a dialog to appear when a merge is created to check it is what the user intends. Creating a merge is normally a mistake. - new issue created
  • Wants provenance to be off by default - new issue created
  • Provenance and in memory v database should be in run dialog - issue already in Jira
  • Users do not look in the preferences.
    • Should be in separate top level menu - new issue created
    • Should be available as buttons/options where relevant - new issue created
  • Should auto-select the single invocation and single value in results and intermediate values - issue already in Jira


  • Validating workflows, users do not go to preferences to turn off warnings. Need button to switch it off (see Katy's issue) - see issue
  • In results and intermediate results, for errors, only need to see the bottom of the stack trace or even just the message - new issue created
  • Need type checking on ports - related issue in Jira, new issue created
  • Monitoring reports from BioCatalogue need to be included in the validation report - solved in 2.3
  • Fragility check reports on the wrong service. It is the upstream service without the retry that is "wrong" not the fragile service.
    • Alan said there was a button in the solution of the validation report. Users probably never look at it. Need to make solution and explanation into one pane.
  • Deleting links to merges does not work as expected. If only one incoming link is left, then the merge should be removed and the link go direct to the sink processor port - issue in Jira
  •  myExperiment perspective:
    • not obvious when you are logged in nor how to log in - new issue created
    • the number of matches returned is not done well - new issue created
    • would like auto-completion - new issue created
  • save as, would like as Excel workbook - new issue created
  • in the top workflows menu, would like to have a tree for nested workflows - new issue created
  • closing a nested workflow goes back to the last opened one, not to the parent as expected - new issue created
  • in the design perspective, would like to use the space for useful options e.g. to switch provenance on/off. Many of the preferences could be pulled out here. - new issue created
  • wants a way of changing the memory allocation which will take effect when Taverna is restarted - existing Jira issue
  • not obvious where in memory v database and provenance on/off are specified - see issue
  • wants a memory usage monitor - new issue created
  • would like "reset to factory settings" - new issue created
  • would like in-line editing of nested workflows - new issue created
  • problem of saving nested workflows to a file. Discussion of referencing nested workflow v. containment. - existing Jira issue
  • in the results would like to be able to see lists of lists ... flatter. Anja agrees wanting to be able to remove trivial containers. - new issue created
  • want to know which port/data caused a value - new issue created
  • for validation problems in a nested workflow, need to see what is wrong. Would like to be able to fix that problem. Overlaps editing of nested workflow. - new issue created
  • cannot tell if a validation problem is due to the nested workflow itself or to its use as a service - new issue created
  • wants to move save diagram to the workflow diagram panel - existing Jira issue
  • problem over accepting the terms and conditions on installation. It is not clear it is the terms and conditions that Taverna is agreeing to - new issue created
  • double click needed to get focus into annotation box for description etc. - existing Jira issue
  • None