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Call details

  • Every Monday, 15:00 British time
  • Skype group call: skype:?chat&blob=01ZPMqI5_Bnn8a_ZH90ySI_RqrQpoLgT-UeZ6p6tSVy8LvTrwXTkXpkEOMvrm2NCyTybKrz_J5L4wMctm0ZSVAC5bQ13YxSnJ9sUKVD3Thqr2PhYd39i0ncJGcqssdq5Hlc_wvad5TvyaQhI7w (Ask hainesr, soiland or finn.bacall to be added)
  • Typically attending: Rob, Finn, Stian, Sean, Khalid, Dave de Roure
  • Sometimes attending: Carole, Shoaib, Matt, Danius Michaelides, David Newman, Don Cruickshank, Kevin Page


We don't usually do minutes of this informal chat, but below you will find some of the chat transcripts:

  • None