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Date: Wednesday 14th November 2012

Attendees: Finn Bacall, Alan Williams, Don Cruickshank, Saverio Vicaro (later part), Kristina Hettne, Reinout van Shouwen


When you are logged in -

How do you want to see your workflows?

Kristina does not mind having workflows showing all the workflows, but wants the rhs under the avatar to be much more prominent - also not hidden under My stuff

Reinout expects workflow tab to show his - or at least have an obvious filter for their own stuff

... groups

Kristina wants groups higher on rhs

Groups tab - My groups sub-tab, or favourites

My groups as first sub-tab

Move Top 50 tags from top - should be on lhs

Reinout - need to know what is the intended primary mode of navigation

Kristina and Reinout need to harmonise the workflows and groups tabs so they look similar

How does "My Memberships" relate to Groups under "My Stuff" ? How does it relate to "Messages"?

Reinout suggests to look at LinkedIn for comparison


Kristina - OK as it is now. Wants to be able to filter on her packs

    ... files

Need my files filter

Kristina could not work out how to upload a file into a pack. There is no obvious way to upload things into a pack.

    ... users

Kristina and Reinout have never used and do not see the point

Needs a lot of work. Could be removed

    ... services

Kristina had never looked at it

Kristina would like to see the services used in her workflows. It would be extremely useful and would help maintenance of workflows a lot.

Sort by user does not work

Needs to be up to date

Reinout wants filter by type

    ... topics

Never used and do not understand

When you are a group page

Large duplication of information

News is confusing

How do you want to see the workflows in that group?

Needs to be a tab - separate from shared items , or at a minimum sort on type

    ... packs

Do you expect to see all the workflows or just those that are not in a pack

Kristina wants all the workflows

Any other comments about the group

Reinout suggests ability to send invites or friendship requests to other members of a group.

Kristina - Make this member my friend, see their workflows

Kristina - Sort by country and other options

When you are in a pack page

How do you want to see the objects in that pack

Kristina says it shows too much

Need to be able to fold the description

Want tab for workflows, files etc.

Saverio wants Relationships to be higher and to be available graph-like as a means of navigation. Kristina described problems with this approach in wf4ever.

Alan could use gap next to pack element to give more information, show relationships.

Other comments

Direct match on search term does not make it top

"View Timeline" below Comments does not work if no comments.

Reinout and Kristina expect top tabs to always do the same thing. So top is consistent.

Saverio would prefer top level tabs to change.

Alan said confusing for skinned pages as whole site appeared changed

Need to be able to search in a group or filter

Saverio says need to pull interactions out as separate thing in description of workflow

Reinout wanted social network integration

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