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This is the home page for the Provenance space.

These pages are outdated.

Users are recommended to install and use the updated Taverna-PROV plugin which produces PROV-O traces and includes the data values. The Taverna-PROV traces are more complete, more are "correct" and addresses many of the known issues in OPM/Janus.

This presentation about Taverna's provenance support shows the architecture and outputs.

The Provenance Working Group meeting at the DataONE AHM, Nov. 2010, New Mexico

The Taverna provenance query language

How To collect and extract provenance graphs

myGrid overview and provenance talk at the ESIP meeting, July 7-10 2009, Santa Barbara, CA by Paolo

June 10-11, 2009: report on the OPM Provenance Challenge 3 meeting, Amsterdam: PC3report by Paolo

Here is the link to the Third Provenance Challenge wiki

June, 2009: IMG seminar slides on Janus: provenance querying in Taverna PDF by Paolo

Some performance overhead figures for provenance collection in T2. by Paolo

Brief report

Talk slides presented at the Symposium on Workflow Provenance, Salt Lake City, Oct 2008 by Paolo

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exported ppt
PDF version

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