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A leaving do for Katy, Khalid and Alasdair will be on Friday 26th July from 4:00pm in Aardvark cafe (TBC yet).

Here is the list of people - please add (or remove :-)) accordingly:

  • Katy (+ Andy?), Khalid, Alasdair (+ Katy and Tavish)
  • myGrid internal people (Carole + Ian, Donal, Ian, Alan, Finn, David, Stian, Stuart, Niall, Christian, Rob, Matt, Shoaib, Aleksanda P, Kristian, Norman M, Helen Hulme, Aleksandra N (+ Goran and twins)
  • Mel P 
  • Charlotte HS (cannot make it)
  • Robert Stevens
  • Sean B – Apologies, I can't make this as I'm on holiday. Have fun!
  • Karon M (cannot make it)
  • Rishi (cannot make it)
  • Helen Taylor
  • Ruth Maddocks
  • Lynn
  • Andy Brass
  • Mark from Southampton
  • Norman, Suzanne and Sophie
  • Alvaro (confirmed)
  • Conny (confirmed)
  • Uli and Colin (cannot make it)
  • Bijan (cannot make it)
  • Simon Harper
  • Caroline Jay
  • Alan Stokes
  • Andy Brown
  • Markel
  • Steve Pettifer
  • Duncan
  • None