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This document contains the Taverna Roadmap for the next 12 months.

General - Taverna 3 Platform OSGi and Workbench

  • Visualization of iteration strategy
  • Components Panel
  • Plugin mechanism
  • SCUFL2 support
  • Input/output port typing
  • Table support


  • Possible extensions to the Provenance Manager (we will have to capture the exact requirements from the SCAPE crowd)
    • Select parts of a workflow to collect provenance for
  • "Save as SCUFL2" option in the Workbench by January 2011
  • Support for compiling Taverna workflows into MapReduce
  • Extensions to the Reference Manager to understand Hadoop File System (HDFS) and/or HBase
  • WSDL services improvement to pull descriptions of Web services from WSDL documents into Taverna's Service Panel
  • WSDL services imptovement to pull names of WSDL services' input ports into workflow's input ports' names when they are directly connected. This can perhaps be generalized to that, for example, if a user is creating an input port by right-clicking on a service/ processor's input port and selecting "Connect with output from..." -> "New wf input port...", Taverna can suggest the name of the wf input port to be the same as the input port name of the processor, bar some duplicate names checking. Similarly for connecting output ports of processor and new output ports of a wf.
  • Possible extension to Service Panel to be able to import SCAPE command line and Web services described in SCAPE-specific XML format.


  • JSON-related services
  • Components creation/deletion
  • Components registry
  • Capability for better user-interaction e.g. entering of several values in forms
  • More obvious looping
  • Ability to populate XML (and JSON) documents


  • Taverna server/engine for executing R scripts
  • Taverna server ruby gem
  • Access to run results over rest - xml or json
  • Access to run manager over rest - xml or json
  • None