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ServiceCatalographer is an open-source Web-based platform for describing, annotating, searching and monitoring REST and SOAP Web services based on the software produced by the BioCatalogue project. The BioCatalogue project was funded by the BBSRC (grant numbers BB/F01046X/1, BB/F010540/1) and produced a life sciences Web service registry called 'the BioCatalogue' running at (both the project and the service it produced are called 'the BioCatalogue'). It was developed jointly by myGrid group from the the University of Manchester, the European Bioinformatics Institute (EMBL-EBI) and the University of Southampton.

After the BioCatalogue project ended the myGrid group from Manchester continued to maintain its code base and run the BioCatalogue service.

By installing ServiceCatalographer, you essentially create an instance of it (i.e. you create a 'service catalogue').





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