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Related to the following JIRA stories:

This is to allow a workfllow to be turned into a webservice (i.e. an operation with inputs/outputs that map to the workflow), not just a webservice that can run a workflow

Some feedback from Katy from a tutorial session:

  • "Wrapping workflows as web services had a lot of interest. The astra
    zeneca person (Sajan) said they use inforsense officially, so its the
    same story as the GSK virtualisation. George also talked to unilever
    recently and they told her the same - Taverna for prototyping and
    inforsense for production.
    There was also a person who was just making very data intensive
    services, so he wanted to build a workflow that would run locally on his
    server, but would look like a single web service to the outside world to
    cut down on data traveling across the network (he's interested in the
    pass-by-reference idea for the same reason) "
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