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Short-term plan for t2 work for the 2008-06 release (Taverna 2.0)

Key units of work

Based upon Tom's original Roadmap document. See also the t2 architecture, the t2 annotation model and t2 talks by Tom and by Stian.

  • DataManager / DataFacade refactoring
  • Data Reference Handling
    • Requires some modification of the Activities internal data handling.
  • Data streaming
  • Peering
  • Caching support
  • Update of API wrt annotation framework
    • Its currently out of sync with Toms design documents.
  • UI manipulation of annotations
  • Improved Activity palette
  • Improved monitoring
  • Steering
  • Provenance capture
  • Provenance store
    • To act as a service, and allow import/export of provenance generated by other workflow system
  • Graphical dataflow construction
    • Ability to add an activity from the Service Palette
    • Port current UI to new model.
  • Negotiation of security credentials (tsunami)
  • Session management
  • Dataflow serialisation
    • Save and Load a dataflow independently of T1
  • Workflow egine swarming
    • Multiple enactors to be collaboratively responsible for the invocation of a shared set of workflows.
  • Plugins

Other areas

  • Scalability and data throughput testing framwork

Must have for June

  • Configuration Infrastructure
  • Graphical editor
    • Undo / Redo
  • Storing / Viewing annotations
  • Security stuff
    • Implmenetation of the security agents (ws-security)
    • Augment existing WSDL processor
  • Fix API's
    • Security agent API's fixed
    • Refactoring of Data manager
    • Annotation API
  • Loading / Saving / Translating dataflows
  • Documentation
  • Demonstrate improved scalability & performance
  • Provenance capture & visualisation
  • Website

Graphical editor


  • Start with a new blank workbench
  • Update zaria to allow frames to be full screenable
  • Abstract out action handlers for entities.

Contextual View

  • Clicking on a processor in the Graph view reviews a context view to configure that processor
  • Activities
  • Iteration strategy
  • Annotations (mime-types)
  • Dispatch stack
  • Port action handlers

Graph View

  • Update current dot view to react to mouse events
  • Update dot view to work with a dataflow model
  • Draggable connecting of ports
  • Drag an activity onto an existing processor adds it as an extra activity related to that Processor.

Tree view

  • expansion state of the tree view is also reflected in the graph view (e.g. expanding a nested workflow)

Activity Palette

  • linked with feta


  • Shim groupings - bound to a service - marked as upstream/downstream
  • Mime types
  • Refactoring API
  • Storing (refer to annotation model doc)


  • Fix the API
  • Naive implementation of agents and container
  • Modify existing WSDL activity to
  • UI Interface to the keystore
  • Target the caGrid services to start with

DataManager refactoring

  • move the translator logic inside the datamanager
  • factor out the interfaces
  • factor out the blob store

Loading / Saving / Translating dataflows

  • Finish serialisation for dataflow objects


  • Help menu
    • Embed docs into the T2 application.
  • T2 Examples
  • Tutorials
  • Match style sheets to website
    • Video tutorials

Demonstrate improved scalability & performance

  • Create a set of test workflows
    • Find users with suitably intensive workflows
  • Setting up a scalability testing and measuring framework
    • connect to remote enactor with jdwp and measure "what its doing"

Provenance capture & visualisation

  • Capturing of basic provenance
    • Embedded database by default in downloaded version
  • Viewing of intermediate values


Stories Breakdown

  • None