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Where & When

Kilburn 1.20 Friday 7th November 10AM

Full document

Rekha's full document is attached

Whats not working (can be improved)

  1. Starting page confusing always once login if forgot if want to look for something to news and updates are ok..main page..i don’t know what to do..the left part cant see purpose..explore is ok..understood the login..
  2. Tagging and categorization..More suggest and recommend appear..only generic appear..better more specific
  3. How to track provenance
  4. Not consistent layout
  5. Sometimes two different task joined..better to separate not simultaneously
  6. Confusing where to upload workflow..where it ends to upload directly from PC
  7. Some things have Font small..maybe its like a secret or small size..
  8. What is the website about..what are workdflow, videos, clicking on myexperiment name doesn’t take to actual home..main front page with can I go back there..where is it? Need to logout first..replace videos..explore misleading..doesnt communicate anything to me..if normal use..woudnt see this page..for 1st time..just tell me whats going on..
  9. Placement of certain info (show indication)
  10. update UI (feels a bit dated) - Finn had a cool bootstrap version but it may not be publicly available (sad)
  11. simplify manual workflow deposition
  12. declutter UI (make it look like a cool website) - (Too many buttons, links that do the same thing in a very small area of screen real estate - remove and leave only 1 'obvious' way -Ian)
  13. after download workflow how to run and use..followup part difficult
  14. have to use software separately for certain things..integrate
  15. spam too many
    1. Consider removing the ability for new users to add website and description
    2. Instead as them to contact for permission to add
    3. Leave it allowed on the edit user page (at least until spammers find that)
  16. to edit workflow..have to go back to taverna to change data..good if can be edit  in then upload as new version in myExp
  17. cluttered to much information - (see 12)
  18. look and feel outdated - (see 10 - although decluttering may help a lot)
  19. can be simpler and cleaner (tags too many, ratings, statistics, comment dont use)
  20. Bit restrictive..workflows are closely linked to taverna
  21. When downloading some workflows (I guess with no title in the annotations) you get something like,_untitled_89788.tflow, rather than using the title for the workflow entry. The number doesn't even relate to the ID. e.g .

Notes: Is there a test dataset that we can use for local installs or does it have to be a production clone? Who can access the server now? - Ian

what makes a site usable (users opinion)

  1. Feature and layout clear
  2. Consistent vocabulary
  3. Easy to understand users
  4. If can see workflow with similar services in pictorial form your workflow superimposed on similar to compare
  5. Task complex learn curve low
  6. Consistency
  7. Normal web layout
  8. not so diffciult once familiar
  9. Get overview of workflow and find similar users.. Find new workflow..look for information..based on user interested work as part of project..more personal..follow a user
  10. First thing want to do.look at description what is it for..must be useful for to go around find purpose..will explore the site. Finding purpose of application..need examples..biologist like that
  11. Application, information structure..dont have to know computers can use immediately..have updated frequently
  12. Have potential but important to know purpose – hands on training, quite nice to use this..but I need to know how to do this..
  13. Selling point how can solve / use and apply in work
  14. How information is represented to a user..why am I here..why is it useful for like tips on how to actually create workflows..for someone who might want to a potential student..can provide more information and guide as well..hv introduction to the site, workflow and other components..pack, files, groups and users
  15. Seling point..collaborative wish more user friendly
  16. straight to point of main task..understand work process immediately..realise what need and where to go
  17. Hard to know how it can be used in work..find purpose..for motivation and relevance to use
  18. Have example of findings how the workflow was used

Planning for 2014-11-07 hackathon

List of things to do and room

1.20 - Friday 7th November 2014, 10AM

Collation - Finn

Update sandbox ASAP

Distribute baby test database

Handle pull requests to master branch

Keep sandbox updated

Home page/start page confusion - Donal

  • if a link goes to don't redirect to /home
  • Disparity between logged out/logged in.
  • Only show things of interest/last 3 months?.
  • Links to workflows etc on root page when logged in
  • Try out different approaches e.g. user types (fresh/experienced) and logged in./out - too much for tickathon?

Upload workflows - Stian

View workflow - Stuart abetted by Stian

  • accordion (too much scrolling), - too many changes required because of conflict with folding stuff
  • duplication of dates (only show earliest and latest, no need for revision info),
  • Download SVG -> As SVG in hypertext
  • remove RDF links,
  • Move Download workflow button higher up
  • merge edit/manage workflow. - only displays the option to edit if anything can actually be edited

Edit/Manage workflow - Alan/Finn

  • Make Tag -> Add a button

  • Have Update disabling/enabling (not to do with whether there have been changes - to do with whether has gone into database)

  • Warn if leaving page
  • Change text to say Manage Workflow not Manage Workflow Entry
  • Move content of Edit This Version page to Manage Workflow page
  • Remove Edit This Version button
  • Make Add under Tags a button
  • Make delete in Tags a button
  • Make Cancel in Manage Workflow a button
  • In Credit and Attribution - Add> should be Add
  • Make delete in Credit and Attribution a button
  • Sharing should be accordioned
  • License/Rights - the last few licenses do not have Attributes part.

There is a lot of work to do on Credit and Attributions - no time to fix

Workflow list - Ian/Alan

  • declutter
  • download button next  to name
    • needs to go for files and packs as well 
  • colour non-working workflows
  • paging - Stuart
  • Filter by * must be accordioned
  • In entries for the individual workflows, remove Avatar panel, if necessary put Original Uploaded in the main panel
  • Move Created, License, Rating, Viewed and Tags into accordioned Details
  • Move indication of version from title to Details
  • Remove indication of version from Download
  • Remove View (as obvious you should click)
  • Make Download into a proper Button and put next to Title

Download workflow - Stuart

  • use name of workflow not 'untitled'
  • check filename template


  • None