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To decide on Monday 25th July

  • What are the goals
  • What tasks are derived from these goals
  • Who is responsible for the overall goals (Alan)
  • Who heads the tasks
  • External people to invite
  • Consultation plan (whose noses do we pass our plans under)
  • What needs to be in place before the *thon

Issues to decide

  1. Package and module names. They are probably wrong.
  2. Where source code sits - github v googlecode


Need to get sign-off from normal work

Check that all the necessary software is available and still working

Jira versions as outcomes for the athon for each of platform and scufl2 (and maybe Tav server 3)


By the end of the *athon we must have:

  • Simple build system for new platform and scufl2
  • Removal of Raven isolating classload
  • OGSi compliant classloader
  • Platform support all processors that Taverna 2.3.0 engine does
  • Platform supports all capabilities of Taverna 2.3.0 engine (e.g. list and iterations and dispatch stack extension ?)
  • SCUFL2 support all processors that Taverna 2.3.0 does

Is anything going to be attempted about the description of data (Baclava2) ?

Need to think about

  • evaluate success against goals
  • what things need to be gathered before hand

Run and data specification - David

specify requirements - David



  •   text
  •   binary
  •   files and directories

extensible (hdfs) ?

  •   descriptions
  •   (mime) types

(plugable?) serialization

  •   files and directories
  •   zip file

identifiers ? (not lsid)


specify format - Stian

API etc. implementation - Stian

Before this: sort out the provenance log

Pre-*thon: nothing

SCUFL2 specification - Stian

sufficient information to allow the enactment of (the equivalent of) a Taverna 2.3.0 workflow

  • includes workflow definition
  • example data
  • configuration properties for all service types

sufficient information to allow the enactment of a Taverna 1 workflow - SCUFL2 tooling to convert Taverna 1 workflow to SCUFL2

sufficient information to allow linkage a workflow run (needs checking)

Pre-*thon: nothing

Before this: xsd for scufl

SCUFL2 surrounding code - Alan

See child page

Code restructuring - David

Reorganize parts of infrastructure etc.

Provenance and monitoring merging, rewriting of provenance connector, capturing of information possibly as a log.

Pre*thon: criteria for restructuring - Alan

                what provenance is captured at the moment - Stian

                what provenance should/must be captured and what should not be captured - Khalid?

Build - Alan

OSGi framework decision

Versioning plan

OSGi build environment

OSGi release, tagging etc.

OSGi distribution creation

Scenarios for updating

Documentation equivalent to current wiki page

Pre*thon: nothing

Startup - Donal

How to start up the platform - engine, UI, command line, server

Pre*thon: pointers to OSGi startup mechanisms - David + google

                information about current start up mechanism - Stian

Taverna 3 engine (including ExecutionService) - David

Ability to run (equivalent of) anything that Taverna 2.3.0 can run

Ability to expose runs

Control i.e. run, pause etc.

Pre*thon: nothing

Before: security

             SCUFL2 converters

Plugin framework - Stian

How to have equivalent functionality to 2.3's support for plugins.

Pre*thon: wiki page for what is actually wanted - Alan et al.

              : other possible solutions - David and Jits and Donal

Taverna 3 Command Line Tool -- Alex

Decide on what underlying model of the workflow(s) to use

Read SCUFL, t2flow and SCUFL2

Saving of results as in 2.3.0

Saving of results to Baclava2 (if appropriate).

Security scenarios - Alex

Need to think about security requirements

Put security into Taverna 3 engine

Security information passing to workflow executors

APIs for handling security

Pre*thon: Alex to talk with Donal and Stian

Example Plugin creation - Ian

Choose which plugin to port

Port a Taverna 2.3 plugin to Taverna 3

Before: plugin framework


15th August until 9th September 2011.

Who is involved

Alan, Alex, David, Donal(1/2), Ian(1/2) and Stian. Rob and Jits for consultation, Shoaib in on the loop.


Stian: none but working from home on Fridays

David: 8th and 9th September

Alan: 5th -> 9th September (possibly)

Jits: 30th August -> 9th September

Rob: 5th -> 9th September (BioVel KO then leave)

Alex: None

Donal: 24 Aug, 6 Sep

Shoaib: week starting August 29th

  • None