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  • General adherence, use and adoption of  standards i.e. always trying to use standard ways of doing things e.g. to reduce the support burden on looking after bespoke solutions which are not necessary. Also this makes Taverna a much more attractive project to contribute to and use parts from.
  • Continuity - aim for continuity and be upfront about issues where this is not possible (e.g. SCUFL vs T2FLOW - differences of handling input failure (list vs item in list), being able to mark things as critical, mapping of the iteration strategy)
  • Migration - we need to justify why things change or at the very least make users aware that things have changed and offer migration guides (e.g. different interfaces for t1 server and the t2 server)
  • There should be clean leak- free separation of concerns in the different components of Taverna where possible (e.g. service discovery is not the remit of the Taverna Engine)
  • None