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This service filters a list of strings and returns a list containing, in order, the matched group, if any, according to Java match in the elements of stringlist.

Input ports

  • stringlist - The list of strings to be filtered. This is a mandatory parameter.
  • regex - The regular expression that strings must match in order to be included in the filteredlist. The regular expresson must conform to that for java.util.regex. Only the specified group will be included in the output. This is a mandatory parameter.
  • group - The number of the group in the regular expression that will be output to the filteredlist. The group should be a non-negative integer and is described in java.util.regex.Pattern. This is a mandatory parameter.

Output ports

  • filteredlist - A, possibly empty, list of the specified group within the elements of stringlist that match the regular expression within regex.


Example workflows can be found on myExperiment showing:

  • None