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Official download page

See the official Taverna Download page for the latest version and detailed installation options.

In some cases you might need to modify the memory allocations of Taverna. The details of this modification depend on the chosen installation and launcher.



Download the Windows Installer for your Windows version. If you are not sure if you have 64-bit or 32-bit Windows, try 64-bit first.

A wizard will guide you through the installation to C:\Program Files and Taverna will be added to the Start menu.

The Taverna Workbench start menu entry will run taverna.exe. The alternative launcher taverna.bat is included for legacy reasons and should not normally be used.

If you do not have local administrator privileges, you can install Taverna to your home directory, like C:\Users\Alice.

Mac OS X

Download the OS X disk image. After opening the disk image, a Finder window should appear.

You can then drag the Taverna application into your Application folder, or wherever you prefer to keep the application.

Double-click on the installed application (not the one in the disk image) to start Taverna.

The alternative launcher is included within the .app and should not normally be used.

Linux packages (64-bit)

Download the Linux RPM or Linux Debian package. Usually double-clicking on the download would start installation, after which "Taverna Workbench" should appear in your Application menu.

To install RPM manually:

To install DEB manually:

Taverna should then be installed into /opt/taverna-workbench-core/ or equivalent.

If you are unable to find Taverna in the Application menu, then start Taverna by running the command:

The alternative launcher is included for legacy reasons and should not normally be used.

Platform independent

If you are unable to use the above packages for whatever reason, then download the standalone distribution.  This distribution does not come bundled with Open JDK 7, and so requires you to first install (Open)JDK 7 and JCE encryption. The distribution includes binaries of Graphviz for linux-x64, linux-x86, osx-x64 and Windows.

Unzip (or equivalent)

On Windows, run:

taverna.bat is included for legacy reasons and should not normally be used.

On OS X, Linux and Unix, run the legacy launcher:

Uninstalling Taverna

If you have installed a new version of Taverna, you might want to uninstall the old version. You might also want to uninstall Taverna because you had trouble with starting Taverna the first time, and want to try a fresh installation.

See Uninstalling Taverna for details on how to uninstall - the exact procedure depends on which method above you used to originally install Taverna.

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