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This service takes in a, possibly empty, list of strings and outputs the result of concatenating the strings, using the value of the separator to separate them. The separator defaults to newline. For example, the list ['a','b','c'] will cause output 'a b c'. The same list with separator ':' will produce 'a:b:c'. If an empty list is given, then the output is an empty string.

"separator" is mis-spelled as "seperator" within Taverna Workbench.  This mis-spelling has been inherited from older versions of Taverna.

Input ports

  • stringlist - The possibly empty list whose strings are to be merged. This is a mandatory parameter.
  • seperator - The string to be used to separate the strings with the stringlist. This is an optional parameter. The default value is newline.

Output ports

  • concatenated - The string created by concatenating the elements of the stringlist separated by the seperator.


There are example workflows on myExperiment showing:

  • None