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A draft OAuth plugin for Taverna 2.4 is available for evaluation.

Note that the Plugin is a draft. Comments, suggestions and especially bug reports are welcomed.

Workflows created with the OAuth plugin may not be compatible with future OAuth support in Taverna. This plugin is to show and evaluate the possibility of OAuth support.


The draft OAuth plugin was developed by Mark Borkum from the University of Southampton.

Before Installation

Please make sure you install the updates under Advanced -> Updates and plugins.


Information on how to use the OAuth Taverna Plugin is available in the attached PDF


Mark has put an example workflow on myExperiment.

Future plans

  • The draft plugin separates the getting of the OAuth token from the REST service that uses it. It is intended that future versions will allow the configuration of the REST service to specify its OAuth requirements. The separate OAuth service will be removed.
  • The plugin currently asks for information in desktop Dialogs. This will be replaced by interactions using the interaction service.
  • We are investigating if it is possible to remove the copying and pasting of the access token.
  • None