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Changing Taverna preferences

The style and performance of Taverna can be configured by changing the Preferences. These can be accessed under the Taverna menu on a Mac and File on Windows and Linux.

  1. In Taverna, select Preferences from the Taverna or File menu.
  2. Select the type of preference you want to change from the left of the Preferences pop up window.
  3. Change the preferences.
  4. Click Apply.
  5. Close the Preferences pop up window.

Select a section to set preferences for in the column on the left. 

  • Help will bring up Taverna Workbench's help system
  • Reset will reset the shown preferences to those that were last applied. This button only resets the shown preferences. For example, resetting the HTTP proxy preferences will not affect any changes you have made to the myExperiment preferences.
  • Apply saves the shown preferences. It does not save any of the other preferences.

Unless you press Apply, any changes you have done will be lost when you close the preferences pop-up window or choose another preference section.

Standard preference sections

Installed plugins might have added additional preferences not listed here.

  • None