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When you click the Run button in order to start the workflow run, if your workflow requires inputs - a Run workflow dialog will pop up to allow you to supply inputs values for your workflow before you run it.

It is composed of:

  • Workflow diagram
  • Workflow description
  • Workflow author
  • Input tabs
  • Input descriptions
  • Input example
  • Input selection

Workflow diagram

Contains a small preview diagram of the workflow you want to run.

Workflow description

Contains a description of the workflow (if provided); details of what you can describe and what can be find in the Annotations section.

Workflow author

Name of the author(s) of the workflow. Details on how to add author name can be found in the Annotations section.

Input tabs

Each workflow input is represented by a separate tab. This is where you supply your input values.

Input description

Contains the description of the selected input. Details on how to add description to selected workflow input can be found in the Annotations section.

Input example

Contains example values of the selected input. To find out how to add an example value see the Example values section.

Input selection

The input you supply can be a value, a file location or a URL.

  • To directly enter the input value select New value
  • To load input from a file select Add file location(s)...
  • To load input from a URL select add URL ...
  • None