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The Service Catalogue Perspective allows you to access the functionality of Web service catalogues, such as the BioCatalogue or BiodiversityCatalogue, from within the Taverna Workbench. By default, Taverna Enterprise will connect to the BioCatalogue at Taverna Biodiversity will, by default, try to connect to BiodiversityCatalogue at However, this is configurable through preferences (more on how to do this later on).

Note that both the BioCatalogue's and BiodiversityCatalogue's URLs start with https:// instead of http://.

Service catalogues contain annotated Web services - WSDL/SOAP and REST Web services. The search you perform will search over both and the results are represented in two separate tabs in the Perspective - one for WSDL and one for REST services.


Keyword (Free Text) Search

To perform a free text search using keywords:

1. Simply enter your search terms separated by a blank character in the search box in the top right corner of the window.
2. Push ENTER or click on the Search button.

The keyword search will retrieve all relevant WSDL and REST services and place them in the appropriate tabs.

Tag-based Filter

To filter down keyword search or simply to apply a filter to all services in the catalogue:

1. Tick one or more tags on the left hand side of the window.

You may apply further filters on the results by selecting further tags.

Clearing Search Results

To clear the search results and  filters you may have applied:

1. Click the Clear button next to the search box.

Actions on Search Results

Once you have found the services you wanted, you can do various useful things with them by using the actions toolbar located in the search tabs.



Adds a selected WSDL or REST service to the Service Panel in the Design Perspective so it can later be drag-and-dropped into workflows.

For WSDL services only, adds all associated services to the Service Panel so they can lated be drag-and-dropped into workflows. Typically, a WSDL Web service will have several operations (although it can have only one). This action enables you to add all "sibling" operations that belong to the same "parent" Web service all in one go (as they are probably related and can work together).

Inserts the service directly into the current workflow.

Provides latest monitoring information about the service from the Catalogue. Services are typically monitored twice a day and this gives the report of the overall service status - the availability of the service, how often the service test failed recently, etc. This gives you a pretty good idea if the service is up and running and how reliable it is.

This action opens the selected service in actual catalogue by firing up a Web browser. This way you can get more detailed information about the service.

Service Catalogue Preferences

The Service Catalogue preferences control what information you see when using the Service Catalogue Perspective. For example, you can modify the service catalogue instance Taverna will connect to through preferences.

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