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There are two aspects of using Taverna with grids: running Taverna workflows on a grid or running workflows that access services and resources on a grid.


See a quick overview of projects that use Taverna and grids.

See a quick overview of projects that use Taverna and clouds.

Running workflows on a grid

If you do want to run Taverna itself on a grid, then it can be installed as an application on a grid node to execute workflows using the Taverna Command Line Tool or the Taverna Server.

Alternatively, the MOTEUR enactor allows Taverna 1.x workflows to be run on an EGEE or Grid 5000 grid.

Including services on a grid in workflows

In order to include a grid service within a Taverna workflow, you need to extend Taverna so that it can talk to the service correctly. Because the way such services are accessed depends upon the type of computational grid where they are run, you need to install a plugin appropriate to that grid.

For example, the External Tools (UseCase) plugin for Taverna allows users to access KnowARC grids for remote computations and usage of grid-based storage elements. The plugin site is

The caGrid plugin allows users to add caGrid services to a workflow. The plugin site for Taverna 1.7.1 is and for Taverna 2.x is

There is also a JSDL plugin for Taverna 1.7.x that allows you to include jobs submitted via GridSAM as services within a workflow.

Projects integrating grids with Taverna

Various projects have successfully run Taverna workflows on a grid or run workflows that access services on a grid:

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