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myExperiment plugin demo on youtube

The myExperiment Perspective in the Taverna Workbench allows you to find, download and share workflows using the Taverna Workbench and the myExperiment Virtual Research Environment.  Click on the myExperiment tab in the top left corner of the Taverna Workbench (below the menu bar) to switch to the myExperiment Perspective.

We will start by exploring the Starter Pack tab in the myExperiment Perspective. This tab shows example workflows which are designed to showcase the capabilities of the current Workbench and to act as inspiration and jumping off points for your own workflows. You can look at information on any of the workflows by clicking on its title. Click on the authors name to find out more about them and to see other workflows they own. The green back and forward arrow buttons can be used to navigate through this pop-up.  Click on the red My button to view the workflow on the myExperiment Web site. You can also open, import and save workflows from this dialogue.  We will click the Open button which creates a new workflow using this one as a base.

Back in the myExperiment Perspective we will click on the Tag Browser tab. Tags are descriptive terms that people have added to workflows. The bigger the tag the more often it has been used. Clicking on a tag displays all the workflows which have been tagged with this term. Again we can look at more information or open the workflow from here. We will select one of these tagged workflows and import it into the workflow which we earlier opened. Remember that this workflow is now in your local instance of Taverna so changing it does not affect the myExperiment one. You can either import it as a nested workflow or merge it in to the current workflow. Read more about merging. We will choose to import it as a nested workflow.

You can also free text search from the Search tab. Enter a term, click the Search button and it will show you workflows it finds on myExperiment, which have this term in the selected (ticked) fields. Your search history is recorded so you can replay previous searches.

Selecting the My Stuff tab allows you to view all the workflows you own in myExperiment. It also allows you to  upload workflows directly from Taverna. You choose which licence settings to use (i.e. what people can do with your workflow) and who can see it. When logged into myExperiment you can add workflows as favourites and comment on them.

If you want to see what you were doing previously in the myExperiment Perspective then you can find out from the Local History tab. Here you can look at searches you have previously carried out as well as workflows you have downloaded/opened and uploaded.  You can also delete previous history. Here we will delete previous searches and the comment we just added.

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