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Through the Plugin Manager, you can install new plugins or install updates to existing ones.

Installing a New Plugin

Taverna 2.3.0 plugins does not install correctly?

myGrid have identified a bug in Taverna 2.3.0 preventing plugins from installing.
Please follow the upgrade instructions before attempting to install any plugins in Taverna 2.3.0.

After you have found the plugin you were searching for, it is relatively easy to install it:

1. Tick the check box next to the plugin.
2. Click the Install button at the bottom of the dialog.

Installing an Update to a Plugin

To check if there are any updates available:

1. Select Updates and plugins from the Advanced menu.

2. A pop up window will appear listing all the installed plugins (including the standard ones and the third party ones you may have installed).
3. If there is an update available for any of the installed plugins, you will see a message "An update is available for this plugin" below the plugin.
4. Select this plugin from the list.
5. To install the update, click the Install button on the right hand side.
6. It is always advisable to restart Taverna after updating a plugin.

Taverna checks from time to time to see if there are updates to any of the installed plugins. If there are, a green arrow download icon will appear in the toolbar of the Workbench. Clicking it will take you straight to the Plugin Manager.

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