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In combination with the Taverna Server 2.2, workflows can be submitted and executed remotely from portals and Web pages. The Server receives workflows for execution, executes it and makes the results available for collection by the portal. In this scenario, the portal acts as a client to the Server.

Web Demonstrator Interface

The Web Demonstrator represents a simple Web-based interface for accessing some of the Server’s functionalities, such as uploading and running workflows, and viewing workflow results. It uses a Ruby gem for accessing the Server’s REST interface.

The Web Demonstrator can be downloaded from the Taverna Web site as part of the Virtual Machine (VM) that has the Demonstrator and Taverna Server pre-installed. All you need to do is install the VM in some virtualization software which will the run everything for you.

Submitting a workflow for execution

To see what workflows are available for execution:

  1. Select the Workflows tab.
  2. Select a workflow you want to run from the list.

Pre-loaded workflows include the ones form the Taverna 2.2 starter pack.

3. Once you have selected a workflow, you will be presented with a page from which you can create a run for that workflow.
4. Click Create run link to start a run. If a workflow requires inputs, you will be presented with a page where you can specify input values for all workflow ports.

Monitoring workflow runs

To monitor workflow runs:

  1. Go to the Runs tab.
  2. When a workflow run has finished, you can see the results by clicking the Results link for that run.

Viewing results

When a workflow run has finished, you can see the results on all output ports. Individual links will show you data value for a particular result item.

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