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Taverna can access a large number of services - see the Service types section for more details on which services are supported and how to use and configure them.

Services that you can use in Taverna workflows appear in the Service Panel. Alternatively, you can search the Service catalogue to find other services not included in Taverna by default and add them to the Service Panel.

Services in Service Panel

All services available to you during workflow design can be found in the Service Panel under Available Services. These are actually service descriptions that get transformed into a service instance once you drag and drop it into a workflow.

Available services are categorised as:

A service template includes a description of a service that cannot just be simply run “out of the box” when drag-and-dropped into a workflow but must be configured prior to running. Service templates include REST, XPath, Beanshell, Rshell, String constant, Spreadsheet import and Nested workflow services.

Local services are simply Beanshells that have been preconfigured to help you with most commonly used data manipulation and formatting tasks so you do not have to write them yourselves. Local services are further classified into sub-categories based on the functionality they provide: io, text, xml, net, etc. Examples of local services include: "Get a page from URL", "Concatenate two strings", "Split string into string list by regular expression", etc.

Other services appear below the template and local service and mainly include remote third party Web services, such as WSDL, BioMart, BioMoby, SoapLab, and local Java API Consumer. To add new services, click Import new services button in the Service Panel.

Services in BioCatalogue

Another useful place to look for services is Service catalogue.

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