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Management of component families can be done using the possibilities under the Components menu.

Component family creation

Selecting Create family opens a dialog.

Within the dialog you specify:

  • the component registry where the family will be stored. The known registries can be changed under Manage registries under Components
  • the component profile that will be shared by the components in the family. The component profile is one of those within the selected component registry.
  • a name for the component family
  • a description of the components that will be within the family
  • the policy that you want to use for sharing the profile. You can make the profile public or private. You can also use complex sharing policies determined by the groups you are a member of.
  • the license under which you are sharing the profile

The sharing policy and license are only available for remote registries.

Component family deletion

Selecting Delete family opens a dialog

Within the dialog you choose:

  • the component registry that contains the component family you want to delete
  • the component family to delete

When you click OK, Taverna will check if any components within the family are currently used by a workflow that you have open in the workbench. If the family is being used, then it will not allow you to delete the family.

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