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Component services are shareable, reusable, encapsulated sub-workflows that perform clearly defined tasks while abstracting away from the details of how those tasks are performed. They are grouped into component families within component registries. You can import a component family into the service panel and then use a component from that family in your workflow.

If you want to create and organize components, then look at the components in Taverna section.

Importing a Component family

To import a component family:

1. Click the Import new services button in the Service Panel.
2. Select Component service...

3. Choose the component registry and component family, then click OK.

You can tell Taverna about new component registries in the Component preferences

If you hover over the component registry or family, then a tool tip will show a description of the registry or family.

Component details

To view detailed information about a component service, select the service and then click the Details tab, or r-click on the service and select Show details

Semantic annotations of the component

The component definition for the service will probably have associated semantic annotations that describe the component in more formalized terms. These can be viewed by selecting the component, clicking Details and then opening the Inherited Semantic Annotations. This will show the information that has been specified on the component definition.

This indicates, for example, that the selected component performs FundamentalMatrixCalculation

Configuring a Component service

Component services are "versioned". That means that the maintainer of a component service can update the version of a component. You can configure the service to use a specific version of the component.

To configure a Component service:

1. Click on the Component service in the workflow diagram and then select the Details tab in the Workflow Explorer.
2. At the bottom of the details table, click Configure.
3. Edit the pop up window.

Select the version of the component that you want to use.

If you hover over the component version number then a tool tip will show you a description of the change that was made for that version.

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