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Taverna's Plugin Manager takes care of all the installed plugins. It lets you search for and install new plugins or update the existing ones. To get the Plugin Manager:

1. Select Updates and plugins from the Advanced menu.

2. A pop up window will appear listing all the installed plugins (including the standard ones and the third party ones you may have installed).
3. If there is an update available for any of the installed plugins, you will see a message "An update is available for this plugin" below the plugin.
4. To search for new plugins, click the Find New Plugins button.

5. A new dialog will pop up listing all the standard plugin sites that Taverna is checking for updates to plugins. Any plugins that they contain that you do not already have installed will appear.
6. You can install the selected plugin by clicking the Install button.

4. You can also add a new site to search for plugins (in addition to the standard ones that Taverna checks). The plugin provider will provide you with the URL you can paste in the dialog that pops up after you press the Add update site button.
5. It is always advisable to restart Taverna after installing a new plugin.

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