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It is possible for Taverna Workbench to run out of memory, for example when you are running a workflow that is handling large amounts of data or a large number of calls to services.  This problem is normally indicated by a:

in either Taverna's log file, in the command window that you are running the workbench from, or in a popped-up window.

The first thing to check is your data and provenance preferences. If you are using In-memory storage then you should untick this option so that Taverna Workbench stores data in a database.  This will enable Taverna Workbench to handle more data.

If you still have problems, then you can change the amount of memory allocated to running the Taverna Workbench.

Before you change the Taverna Workbench's memory allocation you need to shut down the Taverna Workbench.


In Windows, Taverna can be launched either from taverna.exe or taverna-debug.bat in the Taverna installation directory (Typically c:\Program files (x86)\Taverna Workbench 2.3.0).

  • taverna.exe will use a maximum of 400 MB, or 15% of free memory (whichever is higher). (2.2 and earlier: 400MB/50%)
  • taverna-debug.bat will use a maximum of 400 MB

To change the allocation you will need to edit taverna-debug.bat and use this for starting Taverna. Right click and edit the file (this might require administrator privileges), then change these lines:

e.g. for 1000 MB:

To launch Taverna using taverna-debug.bat (so these settings are picked up) you might want to change the Start menu item.

In the Start menu, browse to Taverna and right click on Taverna Workbench 2.3.0 and select Properties. In the "Target" field, change the path to use taverna-debug.bat instead of taverna.exe, for instance

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Taverna Workbench 2.2.0\taverna-debug.bat"

Missing icon?

If the icon for the Start menu item changes into a generic command line icon, you can click "Change icon" and browse to the taverna.exe to restore the Taverna icon.

Mac OS

If you are running Taverna Workbench on a Mac, then it will be installed as an Application.  Go to the Applications folder, right-click on Taverna 2.2.0 and select Show Package Contents. You need to edit the file Info.plist in the Contents folder.  Right-click on Info.plist and Open With the TextEdit program.

Scroll down to the bottom of the file and you will see a line

The 400m indicates that Taverna Workbench is currently allocated a maximum of 400 Megabytes.  Increase the value, for example to 1000m i.e. 1 Gigabyte.

Save Info.plist.  When you restart Taverna Workbench it will have a memory allocation of 1Gigabyte.


Go to the directory where you installed Taverna Workbench and you will see the file called that you normally use to run the workbench. Open the file in an editor.

Change the line that says:

For example to change the memory allocation to 1 Gigabyte, use:

Make sure that you include the backslash \ at the end of the line

Save the file and you can restart Taverna.

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