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The menu bar contains seven groups of functionality, allowing you to open/close and edit workflows. It also provides you with access to the Taverna Workbench updates and the facility for searching and installing new plugins.

This menu group enable you to open, close, save or run a workflow. The Validate workflow option will help you identify errors in workflows.

This menu groups common commands for editing workflows. The commands cut, copy and paste allow one to remove and duplicate processors in the workflow under construction. Undo or Redo will remove or repeat the last change to the workflow. Detailed information about a selected processor or workflow can also be obtained by selecting Show details. The Configure command enables processors such as Beanshell and Rshell to be tailored by providing a script in the relevant programming language, as well as their associated input and output ports.

The commands in this menu group allow the insertion of a Beanshell, Nested workflow, Rshell, Spreadsheet Import and String Constant services into a workflow. A previously saved workflow can also be imported into the current workflow under construction using the Merge workflow command.

The commands under this menu group allow the workflow diagram to be configured. The display of the workflow can be reset, or part of the workflow can be selected for closer inspection using the zoom feature. The diagram of the workflow can also be saved in a number of different formats using the Save diagram command.

This menu item provides a list of all currently opened workflows.

More advanced features of Taverna can be accessed under this menu group. The Credential Manager provides access to a utility which manages usernames, passwords, user and trusted certificates securely on your filesystem for the use for accessing secure Web services. The Updates and plugins option will enable you to add new plugins to incorporate new functionality into Taverna. The same command will also enable new updates for Taverna to be downloaded and installed.

There are two commands in this menu group. It provides a search feature for finding topics which you require documentation on. It also provides access to a set of help pages about Taverna.

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