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Done - by Paul (taken from the Plug-ins video) - no audio or captions

The plugins video ( has captions and audio - we can split it out if need be

On opening the Taverna Workbench, you should be able to see a BioCatalogue Perspective below the toolbar (note that this plugin is an alpha version, i.e. a prototype). If this is not present, please refer to the video on installing plugins ( to see how to add the BioCatalogue plugin to the Taverna Workbench. The BioCatalogue Perspective allows you to access the vast content of the BioCatalogue Web Service repository from the Workbench.

By typing a search term into the search box, we can instantly access the results and view the associated service and service provider data. An example of this search could include the word "KEGG". This would result ina number of results being returned. Clicking on the "Kegg" service, int he services tab pops up a window that contains detailed information about the service, including: the service submitter; the status of the service (whether it is down or not); and any example data or descriptions that would help a researcher use the service in one of their workflows. Similarly, a clicking on the DDBJ tag in the tag cloud also brings up a detailed information window.

We can also add a service directly into the Taverna Workbench by simply clicking on the small window button with a " + " in the top left of the icon (located on the far right of the bottom right panel of the pop-up window - above the star icon). If you navigate back to the design perspective, you should now see the added service in the Workflow Diagram and Workflow Explorer panels. You can now freely integrate this service into the remainder of your workflow as you would a normal service.

A direct advanatge of using the BioCatalogue plug-in within the Taverna Workbench, is the ability to access content of existing services included in workflows. If you click on the DDBJ_Ensembl service that has been added, and then the "Details" tab in the Workflow Explorer panel, you will be able to see a new tab that has appeared at the bottom of the panel, called: "BioCatalogue Information". Clicking on this will return you to the BioCatalogue pop-up window and list all the detailed information with regards to service in question - all gathered dynamically straight from the BioCatalogue Web repository.

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