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Spreadsheet Import service allows you to import Excel or csv spreadsheets and feed their content into other services in your workflow.

Adding a Spreadsheet Import

  1. Expand Service templates under Available services in the Service Panel.
  2. Select Spreadsheet Import Service.
  3. Drag and drop the Spreadsheet Import to the Workflow Diagram.
  4. In a dialog that pops up, configure the Spreadsheet Import as explained next.

Note that you can add a Spreadsheet Import service from the Insert menu as well.

Configuring a Spreadsheet Import

When you add a Spreadsheet Import service to your workflow, you can configure how it deals with the rows and columns from the spreadsheet:

•    Select which rows and columns to output
•    How to deal with empty cells

•    Whether to include the header row, and
•    What name to use for the data from a given column

A Spreadsheet Import service takes the file path or URL to an Excel spreadsheet as input. It has an output port for each selected column; data for the selected rows of the column is output from the port in row order.

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