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This document relates to the releases of the Taverna Server that are based on the Taverna 2.3 Platform and the Taverna 2.4 Platform, from the myGrid team at the University of Manchester.



This release is a feature-complete version of the Taverna 2 Server that is provided as a basis for deployments of server-ized Taverna in a multi-user environment.

In addition to its improved performance, this release supports a number of new key features:

  • Based on Taverna 2.3 or Taverna 2.4
  • Multiple users, with strong separation between them.
  • Limited persistence over service restarts, depending on exact deployment.
  • Workflow run introspection capabilities; clients can ask the server what inputs they should supply and what outputs were provided.
  • Workflow run termination notifications through multiple mechanisms (RSS feed, email, SMS, twitter, etc. depending on deployment).
  • Security, both of access to the service and access by the workflow runs to other services.
  • Administrative REST interface including resource accounting
  • Streaming of large files both for download and upload.

This is in addition to the features supported by the previous version of Taverna 2 Server:

  • Upload and Execution of arbitrary Taverna 2 workflows
  • Access to Workflow's Interim Output Files; no need to wait for the workflow to finish if the results are available sooner
    • Safe File Management for handling results; workflows cannot interfere with each others files
  • Simple mechanism for Removal of Expired Workflows
  • Support for both RESTful and SOAP APIs, for easier tooling
  • JMX-based Management API

There remain a number of known-missing features; notably these include access to:

  • Provenance Database
  • Workflow Execution Model
  • None
  1. 2012-06-07

    Note that this documentation applies also to Taverna Server 2.3, as the interface is identical. The only real difference (apart from a few cosmetic changes and bug fixes in 2.4) is that it uses the Taverna 2.3 workflow execution engine inside itself.