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The myExperiment Perspective allows you to access the functionality and query myExperiment from within the Taverna Workbench.

The perspective contains 5 tabs:

  • My Stuff
  • Starter Pack
  • Tag Browser
  • Search
  • Local History

My Stuff

If you have an account on myExperiment, the tab contains all your stuff on myExperiment including Friends, workflows, packs, files and groups. Note that you do not need an account to search and use publicly available workflows on myExperiment. You would need to log in though if you wanted to see some private workflows that you have access to on myExperiment.

Starter Pack

It contains example workflows built by the Taverna team. They showcase various service types and result types available in Taverna as well as some advanced features. They can help you to get quickly started when you just need an example workflow to look at or run.


Tag Browser

Browse myExperiment using a tag cloud. You can set the number of tags to browse.

Use this tab to search myExperiment by keywords. You can select resources to search for, e.g. workflows, users, packs, groups, files or all resources. Your search history will be saved as well (last 10 or so searches). You can also mark a search as favourite, in which case the search will be saved permanently.

Local History

Record all your activity in the myExperiment Perspective such as search history, tags searches made, previewed and downloaded items, etc.

Actions on Found Workflows

Whether you found workflows by searching or in the Starter Pack, there are various things that you can do with them.

You can open a workflow in myExperiment using the link "Open in myExperiment"; this will pop up your default browser and open the page with the selected workflow on myExperiment. This will give you all the details about the workflow that are not available in the Workbench.

Using the Preview button, you can quickly get more information about the workflow without opening a Web browser. Note that it is not as detailed view as if you opened the workflow in myExperiment.

The Download button lets you download and save a workflow to your local hard disk.

The Open button lets you open a workflow in the Workbench. You may continue to edit the workflow locally.

The Import button lets you import a workfow as a nested workflow in the current workflow. This is useful if you want to use the selected workflow as a "black box" in your workflow. You can also modify the nested workflow if you like.

myExperiment Preferences

The myExperiment preferences control what information you see when using the myExperiment Perspective. For example, you can modify the myExperiment instance Taverna will connect to through preferences.

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