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  • scufl2-usecases Example codes. (Replaced by
  • scufl2-rdf Pure RDF export/import (out of date)
  • scufl2-scufl SCUFL 1 .xml import from Taverna 1
  • scufl2-validation API for validating a Scufl2 workflow bundle
  • scufl2-validation-correctness Validate correctness of Scufl2 workflow definition
  • scufl2-validation-structural Validate that a Scufl2 workflow definition is structurally sound
  • scufl2-validation-integration Integration tests for scufl2-validation modules



This patch release updates SCUFL2's t2flow parser to correctly set the @base for any SemanticAnnotation's, e.g. from Taverna 2's Component Plugin. This is used by scufl2-wfdesc which now embeds any annotations on workflows, processors and ports.

Changes: (commit log)

  • Correct @base for semantic annotations (e.g. so that <> annotates the correct processor)


This release changes the API for the Processor dispatch stack. Retry, failover and looping are now set by configuring the Processor. The Dispatch Stack is now not directly exposed in SCUFL2. Custom dispatch stack layers can however still be added to the Processor configuration by using the keywords _after and below and _type within the processor configuration.


  • SCUFL2-126: Removed dispatch stack, Processor is Configurable
  • Added Scufl2Tools.createConfigurationFor()
  • Workflow Bundle version is bumped to manifest:version 0.4.0 


This patch release primarily adds a manifest:version attribute in the Workflow Bundle's META-INF/manifest.xml, version 0.3.0 indicates the modified bundle format with JSON configurations as of SCUFL2 API 0.12.0.